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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Terrorisms Layer Cake - what Islamic Terror is all about

Presumably Christian or Yazardi women now slaves

The most recent spate of terrorist incidents in Britain, while trivial in absolute numbers, have brought again the usual ill informed commentary based in stereo types and wishful thinking. Somewhere between ‘they’re all evil and want to kill us’, and ‘they’re all good but it’s a CIA conspiracy false flag’ and ‘there’s just a few idiots and nothing to worry about really’ is what is actually going on.

Islamic terrorism is a five layer cake.

The first thing to understand is that there are only two democracies of any consequence in the Islamic world, in Bangladesh and in Indonesia. Outside these countries very few people under 60 years of age in the Islamic world has any experience of democracy either in a formal sense, or in the sense of democratic institutions. For that reason, most Islamic societies are dictatorial, tribal, violent, and unaccustomed to due process and basic freedom. Furthermore, the West and Islam have a long history of mutual conquest; indeed Islamic pirates spent some centuries raiding Western coastlands and capturing Western slaves. We can argue forever about who is to blame, but the fact is that Islam has never lived peacefully with the West. “Terrorism” is just a new term for some very old behaviours.

The second thing to understand is the Sunni vs Shia civil war. This roughly equates to the Protestant/Catholic divide in Christianity and is every bit as unpleasant for the Islamic world now as it was for Europe 500 years ago. The West put that issue to rest by creating a separation of church and State and developing civil parliaments and institutions that kept religious factions at bay. Those are sadly lacking throughout the Islamic world, a world which covers every kind of society from Afghanistan to North Sudan, to Persia, to Malaysia.

This brings us to the third layer – meddling by West intelligence agencies. That is a long story but the short version is that the post-colonial Islamic world did attempt to replicate liberal Western institutions that guaranteed basic freedoms but left a place for religion in society. Some of these countries – Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, also adopted a socialist model of development that required nationalisation of key resources. Few people in the West today have any idea that bathing suits, short skirts, make-up, and equal access to education for women, were once standard in the (then) secular countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iran. However, Western intelligence agencies had no intention of allowing a socialist model of development to succeed anywhere in the developing world and certainly not in key oil rich nations. Their solution was ‘regime change’ utilising whichever thug was willing to impose a Western oriented dictatorship or ‘managed democracy’. Key to this project was the mobilisation of religious sentiment, and the sentiment most amenable to regime change happened to be extreme versions of Sunni Islam, which also enjoyed sponsored by the Royal House of Saud. This project is ongoing and is slowly turning the Middle East and North Africa into an Islamist hell-hole of failed States and extremist groups. This is the real underlying cause of the current refugee crisis.

Terrorists fire a US tax payer supplied anti-tank missile at Syrian Government Forces

Not content with that, the United States is actively promoting Sunni/Shia conflict. To put that in perspective, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran are predominantly Shia. Jordan, Turkey, Saudi, UAE, and Kuwait are predominantly Sunni. Yemen is about half-half. Iraq is now a failed State but the south is largely Shia whereas the north is Sunni. All the Western backed terrorist groups – ISIS, Al Qaida, Al Nusra, Al Sham etc are Sunni. That’s a simplistic summary. It gets very complicated. Suffice to say that every Middle Eastern country and the more powerful Western ones all have their pet terrorist groups which they manipulate to achieve the destruction of counties that don’t do what they want, like Libya. Syria is now basically a terrorist supermarket where every variant is for sale at the right price – guns, money, and air cover.

Now we have to consider the fourth layer of our cake, Islam itself. It is the solemn duty of every Muslim to bring the world under submission to Allah. Nowhere is that disputed; at least, not by anyone that matters. The only issue is the means whereby this will be achieved. Here we need not be distracted by arguments about the true intention of the Prophet or the true meaning of the Koran or Hadiths. That is a matter for scholars and clerics. In practical real world terms, a religion is the sum of the behaviours of its members. It is what its people do. There is no society in the world today where Islam is dominant in which other beliefs are accorded equal status and in which women are accorded equal status. The following are systemic behaviours:

  • Blasphemy laws which essentially punish anyone who criticises anything about Islam but allows Muslims to denigrate other beliefs
  •  Apostasy laws which punish people for converting from Islam but not to Islam
  •  Restrictions on religious freedom for non-Muslims, cannot question Islam, cannot criticise Islam, and cannot share one’s faith with a Muslim
  • Severe social consequences for any Muslim who marries a non-Muslim
  • Marginalisation of non-Muslims in public life, particularly women

There’s more, including tolerance of honour killings, genital mutilation and forced marriage, but that will do. These behaviours vary in severity and extent but they are always present.

Here the example of Mohammed is instructive. When Muslims were weak and marginalised he instructed his followers to try to make converts by moral and intellectual persuasion. Once Islam became powerful enough he instructed his followers to force non-Muslims to convert or be put to the sword. As ‘people of the book’ Christians and Jews got a dispensation. Once they were “subdued and feel themselves subdued” they could escape death by paying a tax to their Islamic overlords. This is not a contested interpretation of obscure verses but the actual real life example of Mohammed and his followers. A Muslim is someone who follows the example of Mohammed.

Of course, not all of the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims see it that way. Most are good people and many abhor terrorism. In fact, the majority of people fighting terrorism are Muslim, and the majority of victims of terrorism are Muslim as I explain in this post. The Muslim victims of terrorism arguably include all the deaths from the second US invasion of Iraq following 9/11.

The relevant question though from a Western security perspective is: ‘what percentage of native born or immigrant Muslims support terrorism?’ This is where numbers matter. The response to the Charlie Hebdo killings was instructive. The message loud and clear from Pakistan to Tehran was that those who insult the Prophet deservefor bad things to happen to them . In other words, Western liberal democracy stops where Islam begins. On that basis I would put the percentage of Muslims who support violent repression of anyone who criticises Islam (aka 'terrorism') at around 40 per cent. But suppose I am wrong and we are only dealing with “a few dickheads” as social media would have you believe…lets say 2 per cent. Two per cent of 1.8 billion is….36,000,000 people. That is more than one and a half times the population of Australia, and more than the combined military of the entire Western world by several orders of magnitude. Oh, and did I mention to plan to take over Europe by fecundity because white people are no longer reproducing? What is important here is that in the West Islam, like Catholicism, is largely a tribal identification. By way of example, Irish Catholics and Protestant paramilitaries didn’t blow one another up over differing interpretations of scripture, it was a tribal conflict. Whatever their internal differences, Muslims are also tribal, and will unite against our society if they feel their interests are threatened or they gain some benefit thereby.

So now the fifth layer. What are the prospects for an Islamic reformation similar to the Christian one, a reformation which recognises freedom of conscience in matters of faith and the need for a secular State? Well, people are trying but they are losing out to the guns, fists and whips of the fundamentalists, and to the intellectual bullying from the social left in the West. The real shift in Islam on the ground is toward a stricter interpretation and growing fundamentalism in Muslim countries. For reasons beyond the scope of this article that shift is actively supported by Western feminists and social Marxists.

So what are we left with? A tribal movement with little experience of or respect for liberal democratic mores or institutions, and whose stated aim and systemic behaviours are to bring the world under submission to Islam, whether by fecundity, the ballot or the bomb. This is a group of people with whom we have been at war for around 800 years, and with whom we have never been able to live in peace. They have now elected a Mayor of London with close links to Islamic terror groups. To put that in perspective Britain is now the main source of recruits for El Qaida and M15 claims to prevent around one terrorist attack there per week. There are now 60 zones in Sweden that are effectively no longer part of Sweden – they are under Sharia law and emergency service refuse to enter because it is too dangerous.

My grandfather was a police officer for a time. He had one weapon – a short wooden truncheon with a leather strap handle which was more than adequate. Now officers carry machine guns. As ISIS is dislodged from its Caliphate, attacks on Western soil will increase. Ongoing blow back from Western intelligence operations is inevitable and will be ongoing, as will lower level violence in the suburbs and political organisation to Islamise the host society.

If millions of Christians were pouring into Muslim countries where they disrespected the culture, raped women, cut people’s throats, took over suburbs, set off bombs, and preached the overthrow of Islamic civilisation what would happen? Surely, the Muslim world would deported them and close its borders, and they would be right to do so. However, under the corrosive influence of social Marxism the West now has the psychology of a battered wife ‘Its my fault he beats me because I make him angry’.

There has never been a plebiscite on allowing an Islamic invasion of the West but people are voting with their feet. Russia has proved that you don’t have to be invaded, but Western Liberal elites are systemic in shutting down free speech and an open contest of ideas on any of their policies including the dissolution of their own countries. There is no nice way to end this. I guess that’s the nature of betrayal; and we have been very very deeply betrayed.  There are some things that practically can be done but it starts with an acknowledgement of basic truths. I could only find one political party with a clear eyed program. Let’s hope others will start allowing their politics to be sullied with truth. 

BTW in the current context the following are irrelevant:

  • 5000 years ago the Jews did bad things in Caanan
  • The crusades were nasty
  • Christianity hasn't always been very nice
  • Most Muslims are good people (they are)
  • Islam hasn't actually taken over Europe yet
  • Colonialism has done bad things to Muslims (it has)
  • There are tolerant variants of Islam (some times)
  • Mindless abuse towards anyone who insists that people have a right to live in countries with borders - cisnormative, Islamophobic, racist, Trumpist etc etc (yawn)
  • Since everyone is innately good it must be our fault if we are treated badly (seriously, see a psychologist)

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Assad Chemical Attack

Well it turns out you can get in touch with the White House - or at least someone who scans the mail.

You can do so here: 

So I did.

I urge other to as well.

Can't do any harm and more constructive that most of the bitching I see on the web - as tempting as it is to join in.

"Dear Mr President

I write to express my sincere and deep disappointment at your actions and words in destroying a key airfield used by the Syrian forces in the fight against the Islamic Caliphate.

I am (or was) a supporter. I am a church going Christian, a father of three, a university educated civil servant, a conservative, and the owner of an on-line civics training program 3ptraining.com.au I have friends in the US, the UK and Europe.

I have friends who were killed by Wahhabi terrorists in Indonesia, and I was once on an Islamic hit list in Britain. I supported your candidacy because of your oft’ stated policy of fighting the terrorists that the CIA and the Obama administration et al supported.  I also supported your candidacy because of your stated intent to stay out of pointless and costly foreign wars. I urge you to find the courage to stand by these policies again.

Sir, it is extremely unlikely that Assad had any connection to the gas attack. There are many forces in Syria with numerous foreign sponsors any of whom could access poison gas. It is extremely unlikely that pro Assad forces would use gas since they are winning on the ground and have no reason to use WMD; furthermore their WMD stocks were destroyed years ago. More probably, the fact that Assad is winning the ground war has caused the ‘war party’ in Washington and Tel Aviv to panic and create a false flag. There is also the possibility of error and the fog of war. By announcing presumptively, and without evidence, that Assad is responsible you have made yourself and your country a laughing stock. By engaging in an illegal act of aggression in a foreign war, you have betrayed your core support base. People have not forgotten that there were not WMD in Iraq and no babies were pulled from incubators in Kuwait. We don’t believe these lies any more.

Many more children will die in Syria at the hands of the Caliphate if the Caliphate is not destroyed. The Caliphate has deep and growing connections in Europe and the UK and they kill people there too. Please stay the course and stay out of Syria, or at least, bomb the terrorists not the regular Syrian forces.

Sincerely yours"

Monday, 3 April 2017

Make a Difference - a Course in Civic Action

Dear readers

You may have noticed a dearth of posts lately. That is because I have been busy with another project. Rather than just writing about public policy from my small corner, I have decided to give readers the tools to:

  •  understand public policy more broadly;
  • understand how government actually works in practice;
  • understand how social movements and campaigns work;
  • understand the major forces shaping public policy here and overseas; and
  • know how to influence public decision making.
Included is a short course in fake news, propaganda (Infowars), irrational beliefs and logical reasoning fallacies. It’s an ongoing project. You don’t have to agree with me – my purpose is to teach people how to solve problems in public life – not control them, preach at them, be right, get affirmation from fellow groupthinkers, or push my ideology. That said, anyone who writes does so from a perspective.

You can have it all for free here: www.3ptraining.com.au

BTW according to the criteria for ‘Fake News’ by the self-appointed thought guardians of the West, this blog counts as Fake News. Turns out you have all been led astray by a Russian FSB controlled mole intent on subverting liberal western democracy in the interests of the new tyranny led by RT and Sputnik through the spreading of fake news and propaganda on behalf of the Evil Vlad. Bwahahaha….OK just kidding.